Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Christmas is for the birds too!..

Evening everyone,

Here is the finished item, it is just the thing for christmas! Love the little owls in disguise.

49 sleeps, 6 hours, 35 minutes and 12 seconds 'til the jolly red guy attemps to squeeze down the chimney! #SOEXCITED!!!:D.

Click here to see how long left 'til Christmas.

Also if you like the look of the owls and leaves them click here to see the full Paperartsy range of products (I used the JOFY stamps). Love JOFY stamps, they dominate my collection 100% and are great for everything!

If you want to see JOFY's blog then click here

Love the power of the link button!

Happy making,


One last link, click here to find out your elf name for Christmas. From the 01st December you can call me Nipper-Jazzy-Hands!

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