Wednesday, 27 May 2015

PaperArtsy Blog...It's Me!..

Hi guys,

I'm totally buzzing tonight!..Over on the PaperArtsy blog this evening it's my turn to show you guys what I've been secretly up to for the 10th topic challenge this year which is bottles!!! 

Please take a look at this on their blog...
And please leave a comment...I'd love to know what you think! 

If you have any questions please let me know,
ArtymeB Xxx.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

How-To-Do...Beach Hut Stylie...

Hi guys,

Hope you are having a good Saturday wherever you may be:). Today's post is a project How-To-Do I thought you'd like to a previous post I showed you a canvas frame I had made with JOFY Beach huts. 
In this one...I'll show you how to make it and with what paints.

This I bought from an Alladins cave-like craft shop in Ipswich called Craftability.

Step 1. The sand and sky/sea are painted with PaperArtsy paint (in chronological order) sand: Haystack, Pumpkin Soup and Yellow Submarine. Sky/sea: Smurf, China and Glass blue with the clouds in Snowflake.

Step 2. Stamp the row of beach huts (JOFY 16) with Archival Jet Black ink.

Step 3. Beach hut one: Snowflake and Bora Bora.
Beach hut two: London bus, Toffee, Snowflake and Sage.
Beach hut three: Lavender and Snowflake.
Beach hut four: Chocolate pudding, China and Snowflake.
Beach hut five: Toffee, Snowflake and Elephant.
Outline all the beach huts with little black dress.

Step 4. Glue canvas board to the frame and screw a little hook on the back...Hey presto...All Finished! 

Hope you like this,
Any questions just shout:).
ArtymeB Xxx.


Saturday, 9 May 2015

I Melted Crayons!..

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all having a great Saturday wherever you are:).

Today's project was an...I'm bored...I think I'll do this...kind of project!

In my 'to make box' I found an Artemio frame I had previously decorated but didn't like so thought I'd give it a new coat of paint!.. Although it's not paint...its a coat of melted crayon!

They were normal crayons bought from the 99p shop.

I stuck them to the top with glossy accents and they gradually dripped down when they were heated with a heat gun.

Once melted...I dropped a few pieces of blue crayon onto it and then they melted.
After it had cooled down...I painted Metallic Glaze over the frame.

The middle stamp was an Ellen Vargo set of stamps from PaperArtsy.

Hope you like this although it kind of like Marmite...either you love it or you hate it!
If you have any questions then you know where I am:).
ArtymeB Xxx:). 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Simple Birthday Card...

Hi everyone,

First of all...I'd like to say that I got the title of nans award wrong...Instead of unsung's actually community safety! Sorry!..

Now to the arty stuff...

This was made with scraps of orange paper I TOTALLY forgot about, with Pearl Glaze, Gloss Glaze and Satin glaze (in order from bottom to top!). The flower head was from ELB 16 (PaperArtsy Lin Brown). The happy birthday was from JOFY 14. And a button! All on brown card!..brown card is amazing!..

Simple but in my eyes effective!

Hope you like this and you have any questions then just shout!
ArtymeB Xxx:).


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Summer...Beach Hut Stylie!..

Hi guys,

I've decided to get ready for Summer beach hut stylie!!! 

The Summer holiday is just round the corner...I only wish someone would tell the weather that!

This is yesterday's project...made with PaperArtsy paint and and the line of beach huts from JOFY 16.
The canvas frames I bought from Craftability in Ipswich on Saturday. I haven't found these frames for ages so when I did...I stocked up! 

Before I sign off in my usual way...I'd like to congratulate Nan Marion on her Dream 100 Unsung Hero 2015 award! She is a lollipop lady at our local infant junior school and helped save a chicken in distress! 
I sometimes meet her from work after school and all the children make her smile from ear to ear!!! It's lovely to see!..even if it's raining!..
Well done Nan...Can't wait for the ceremony!

Hope you like this, any questions you know where I am!:).
ArtymeB Xxx.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Birthday Fox Feltie...

Hi everyone,

REALLY sorry I haven't blogged in almost three weeks! I haven't been all that crafty and when I have made something it wasn't all that good!

But this little guy I liked! I really didn't want to make him in boring brown like to book said so made him with one of my favourite colours...Green! 

He looked a little plain after the body and everything was stitched together so gave him three little balloons (buttons...Love them!!!) which I stuck on with a hot glue gun. The balloon strings were thin pieces of wire I wrapped black thread round and also stuck on with a hot glue gun. He's celebrating a birthday!..don't know who's yet but he's celebrating with balloons!

Then to finish him off...a tiny spot of silver perfect pearls was needed!..has to be done really!

Hope you like this...and he needs a name so please leave a comment telling me what his name will be! I'll try not to leave it this long before posting next time!
ArtymeB Xxx.