Monday, 23 February 2015

My new arty space!..

Hi everyone,

So excited about my new cozie little corner!.. Mum and Nan were walking with the dogs while my sister and I were at school today and found a desk for FREE on someone's front garden!..they rushed home and took the car to fetch it! 

This was a lovely surprise to see when I got home as I have had a rubbish day, only one lesson was alright and that was PE! 
So spent the evening 'dressing it up' and making it more homie... I think it looks okay with the chair I upcycled which was also FREE and falling apart! (Lucky the colours were the same!).

Hope you like my new little space:),
ArtymeB xxx.


Ice Mallari said...

oh what a cute space you have! the desk matches the chair perfectly,you're so lucky=)

bracken sparkes said...

Thanks, I can't believe they were giving them away! :).