Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A handy little sewing jar...and cotton spool!..

Hi Everyone,

I said I would be back with a post today...and here it is with a project I made yesterday to help me while sewing.
I didn't have a pin cushion so thought...why not make one! 

I bought the jar from The Tiptree Cheap Shop in Tiptree (obviously!). I paid £1.97 (I think...don't take that as gospel!). 
It had the buttons in it already and added the cotton spool to the side of the jar with a hot glue gun. It too became a pin cushion!..but with washi tape to add a bit of interest.

Hope you like this, if you have any questions please ask. I'll be back tomorrow with another post:).
ArtymeB Xxx.

1 comment:

Alison Williams said...

Love this idea, now I know what to do with my dowe egberts coffee jars😄