Monday, 19 January 2015

Too big for the washing line!..

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted for a while but to make up for the arty time I haven't shared with you- I thought I'd blog a step-by-step 'guide' as it were to decorating a giant peg!

This is the end product...

I bought this from the Range for £1.99...

Step 1... Paint the entire peg with a Paper artsy paint (or another brand But it has to be opaque),  I used turquoise from the JOFY limited set 2.

Step 2... Stencil a leaf pattern on one face on the peg them outline part of the leaf with a darker shade of the same colour. Use an opaque paint so you can't see the undercoat of paint, I used Guacamole for the leaf and Hyde park for the outline. The stencil I used was a Paper artsy Lin Brown leaf and flower pattern combo stencil but you could use whichever one you want.

Step 3... ( sorry for the slanted photo!) use Archival ink and the bird stamp from Darcy set 10 and print on the upper quarter of the leafy side.

Step 4... Use snowflake paint and a circular pattern from Paper artsy Ellen Vargo set 06 and stamp on the lower quarter of the leafy side.

Step 5... Once the paint has full dried, cover the entire face on the leafy side with satin glaze. At first it will create a shiny effect but when it's dry it will become like a matte 'safety' covering and create a smooth texture.

Step 6... Again using Darcy set 10, coat the small script stamp with black Archival ink and stamp across the whole surface opposite to the leafy side. 

Step 7... Utilise the stencil used previously on the leafy side but this time using one of the floral stencils. On my peg I used orchid for the first full flower and dolly mix for the outline. For the second flower use Dolly mix for the full flower and orchid for the outline.
Then when both are dry paint them both with glaze, I used pearl (upper flower) and metallic glaze (lower flower).

Step 8... Print the singular circular stamp from Ellen Vargo 06 with snowflake in random places on the floral side.

Step 9... Again use Ellen Vargo stamp set 06 and print using one colour from the floral side. Stamp one both reverse sides.

Step 10... Print the 'nature never goes out of style' stamp from Ellen Vargo 10 with black Archival ink onto white card and cut out. Place randomly along the right side of the peg and stick down with cosmic shimmer glue.

Final stage... As an added visual point, print the 'soldiering circles' from Ellen Vargo 06 with the same paint as you did for the small circles on the front. Stamp the 'soldiering circles' on the bare wood of the peg.

Please feel free to leave comments, I love to hear what you have been creating and what you think of my posts. 
Hoped you liked my latest make and will post more makes soon, until then... I hope you have a very arty day:). 
ArtymeB xxx.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is fabulous! Love your peg and inspired to go buy one and do something similar.
Thanks for sharing.
Catherine aka catiecuddles

bracken sparkes said...

Yay...I inspired someone!
They are great fun to play with, looking forward to seeing what you come up with:).
Thanks for your comment Catherine:).

Helen said...

love your peg!

bracken sparkes said...

Thanks:). Xxx.

Trish said...

Funky peg - I love it!

PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

Ohh Bracken, how wonderful the peg turned out! Right down to the EEV spots on the side! What a fun project, and great instructions too!!

bracken sparkes said...

Thanks Trish:). Xxx.

bracken sparkes said...

Thanks, I was pleased with the way it turned out and can't wait to make another!

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow truly gorgeous large peg, the amount of work on it is totally awesome and the instructions are fantastic. Happy Art :-) Kezzy xxx

bracken sparkes said...

Thanks Kezzy, glad you liked this project:).