Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Summer...Beach Hut Stylie!..

Hi guys,

I've decided to get ready for Summer beach hut stylie!!! 

The Summer holiday is just round the corner...I only wish someone would tell the weather that!

This is yesterday's project...made with PaperArtsy paint and and the line of beach huts from JOFY 16.
The canvas frames I bought from Craftability in Ipswich on Saturday. I haven't found these frames for ages so when I did...I stocked up! 

Before I sign off in my usual way...I'd like to congratulate Nan Marion on her Dream 100 Unsung Hero 2015 award! She is a lollipop lady at our local infant junior school and helped save a chicken in distress! 
I sometimes meet her from work after school and all the children make her smile from ear to ear!!! It's lovely to see!..even if it's raining!..
Well done Nan...Can't wait for the ceremony!

Hope you like this, any questions you know where I am!:).
ArtymeB Xxx.

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