Sunday, 26 July 2015

Time To Draw...

Hi guys,

I'm suprised I've posted TWICE today! I never do that! you go! 

Post two...a wooden pencil case I recently found with 'lost things'.

I painted the whole thing in Chalk (PaparArtsy paint).

As the topic for the PaperArtsy challenge this time is 'Time' I thought it was quite appropriate that I'd focus on that theme.

To cover the top I covered it with a thin layer of Grunge Paste and stamped a PaperArtsy Hot Pick Script Stamp into it. When it had dried, I coloured it with various grunge pastes and then Grunge Pasted clocks using a stencil, then coloured that with Onyxite Treasure Gold.

This part is a Ellen Vargo sketchy stamp in Chocolate Pudding with Treasure Gold an an embellishment.

Hope you like it,
ArtymeB:) Xxx.


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bracken sparkes said...

Oops...I mean Ellen Vargo scratchy stamp from 02...sorry! Xxx