Saturday, 8 August 2015

Nail'ed It!..

Hi everyone,

Over the past week or so, I've been hankering to paint nails!..all I seem to be doing on Pinterest at the moment is pinning nail art designs!
I have little stubby nails so it doesn't work on mine but the women in my family are blessed with long voluptuous nails so it was only right that they became my guinea pigs!

First up is...AMY!!!

On Pinterest I saw a butterfly pattern that I quite liked and so did Amy so...that was the one we chose to do:).

The nail varnishes used here are all from 'Claire's' they have a sale on at the moment...I think it's in every shop...All nail varnishes £2 INCLUDING the £5 liquid metal polish (only one coat to be fabulous)! AND EVERYTHING is 3 FOR 2!!! So we stocked up, buying...umm...6 Please don't judge me...THEY WERE PRETTY! It didn't cost me £12 it cost me...oh yeah...and Amy £8.

The tiny dots were done with a dotting tool you can also get from 'Claire's'...ALSO IN THE SALE!!! Whoooohooooo!!!

Second person if you please...NANA JOY c'mon down!!!

What I liked about doing Nana's nails was...I CHOOSE! She said I could do what I wanted how I wanted and with whatever colours I wanted to use!
But I did ask if she liked the general idea before painting! 

Only the White you see here is from 'Claire's' this time...I wanted to shake it up a little bit! The other two colours came from the Rimmel London stand at my local chemist...these were £2.99 each.

Finally...Give a hand (see what I did there?!) for...MUM!!!

I thought these were SOOO cool and fresh but simple at the same time!

The base was the 1 coat wonder...Bronzy liquid metal nail polish courtsey of 'Claire's' and the splatter nail polish was also from 'Claire's'. 
While we are on holiday here in Norfolk, we went to Norwich on the train from the Reedham train station. While browsing round the shops...guess what we saw!..A 'CLAIRE'S'!!! Mum and I stepped foot into teenage heaven (as ya do) and snooped out the polishes! One of the lady's working in the shop came over and started talking to us and showing us her favourites...mum really liked those ones so bought the three she pointed out!..the 1 coat wonder, black and white splatter and lilac glitter polish. I bought three completely different ones! Red, sequiney polish and silver glittery polish.


Hope you like these and if you have any questions then please ask. 
Happy arty'ing from us here in Norfolk!
ArtymeB:) Xxx.

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