Thursday, 2 April 2015

I didn't like I changed it!..

Hi everyone,

How was your day?..good?..mine was good...thanks for asking!:).

I made this a while back but didn't show here it is at last.
It started life as a plain pink sketch book from the Co-Op and is now living its life as one of my favourite ArtymeB Makes! 
I didn't like I changed it!

I used my brayer on the background with many of the blue/green fresco paints from PaperArtsy...sorry I can't tell you exactly what paints I used on this but the stenciled flower heads were Antarctic and Baltic blue. The leaves were Guacamole and Hyde Park.
The border was the squiggly line stamp from a PaperArtsy Squiggly Ink stamp plate.
To attach the paper to the book I used a hot melt glue gun as that's the only thing I thought would hold it.
Before I attached it, I buzzed the painted card through my sewing machine on the zig-zag stich and created a really textured edge and finishes the main book off nicely...I think anyway!..
After it was assembled I painted the whole book with satin glaze to give it a protective layer. Then painted the flower heads with metallic glaze and the leaves were painted with pearl glaze to give them an extra something!
To keep the book shut I attached two identical pieces of ribbon (using a normal stationary stapler) to both sides of the cover.

I hope you like this and will be back tomorrow with another project, until then...Happy Thursday!
ArtymeB Xxx.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were referencing taylor then
"We never go out of style"
Nice job on your crafts though! xxx

bracken sparkes said...

Thanks:). Xxx.