Monday, 6 April 2015

Win an ArtymeB Postcard!..

Hi everyone,

Hopping you had a lovely Easter (see what I did there!;)).
I thought it would be lovely to thank you, my ArtymeB readers for reading and commenting, commenting and reading by giving you a chance to win a postcard I made using PaperArtsy products.

Here is a step by step guide on how I made postcard 2...

1. Dab spots of paint all over the piece of paper...For this one I used Pansy, Lilac and Cheesecake.

2. Drag the paint across the page using a piece of thick card.

3. Stamp a scratchy stamp from Ellen Vargo 02 (EEV 02) all over the page, rotate the image so they don't look so uniform...for this I used Lavender.

4. Use Archival ink for this next part. Stamp the middle section of the conjoined-washer stamp from Ellen Vargo 06 (EEV 06) Print them both diagonally and horizontally in a few places.

For the next three stages I will be using three different shades of the same colour. This stage requires the middle shade.
5. Print the entire small spot stamp across half the conjoined-washer. If the washers are pointing diagonally, stamp the spots horizontally ect. For this I used Smurf.

6. For this stage I will use the lightest shade...Mermaid. Using hardly any paint at all on the white side of the cut and dry foam I stenciled using the Lin Brown bubble stencil.

6. Re-position the stencil once dry and stamp the little square stamp from EEV 06 with the darkest shade, leave the bigger circles for another stamp. I used Bora Bora for this.

7. Use one of the smaller washers (in the line) from EEV 06 and stamp it with the same colour as you did the block of washers. This makes them blend better.

8. Stencil through a large or intricate design with grunge paste and let dry. For this I used another Lin Brown stencil.

9/10/11. Paint the pettles with Snowflake and let dry. Paint the entire postcard with a glaze...I used Pearl Glaze. Dab Moonlight Mica-powder over the flower head as a little something extra:).

12. Attach the postcard to the back by sewing round on the zig-zag stitch.
IT'S DONE!!! to business. Your entry is a comment, you can comment as many times as you wish and three names will be drawn AT RANDOM on Sunday 12th April (This Sunday). I will post the winners at 7pm on the same day. 

I hope you like this:). I'm looking forward to reading your entry's:).
ArtymeB Xxx.


Anonymous said...

Wowwwww! They look so good I love the blue flowery one *wink wink* lol I'm joking.
Everyone needs one of them in their life!!! xxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

These are beautiful. I love how you used the sewing and your steps by steps are beautifully clear.

Anonymous said...

Superb work once again by a very talented young lady:).

Anonymous said...


Alison Williams said...

Wow these are amazing ! The designs are fabulous .

Wanda Hentges said...

Beautiful postcards!!!!!!!!!!!